Iron Master Weight Training equipment can be found worldwide in thousands of home gyms, studio-gyms, PT-Er’s and world-class training facilities. The reason for this? The Iron Master products are indestructible strong and have a robust appearance. The dumbbells are not broken, safe and feel like a normal dumbbell. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on the dumbbells. Perfect for home Sports.

Since the years 1970, Iron Master has played a pioneering role in innovative personal weight training equipment. Known for producing equipment of the highest quality, indestructible and multifunctional. Mainly for use in home sports.

More than 30% of iron Master’s products sold come from customers or returning customers.

Iron Master’s adjustable dumbbells are considered to be the heaviest and most reliable dumbbells on the market. The Super Bench is the world’s strongest and one of the most popular fitness bench, with many attachments available making it multifunctional and can have a weight of 450 kg, perfect for home sports!

Ask anyone who has iron master products in his home gym. You will see that Iron Master is built for serious training and can use life-long.

Do you want to work at home? Choose Iron Master!

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