However advanced the fitness technology continues to be, there are many people who still prefer the feel of a traditional old fashioned iron halter. I’m talking about cast iron weight plates, serrated steel handle and something that can get into the gym properly against a punch (you).

If you’re one of those people, the adjustable Quick lock dumbbells from iron Master is definitely something for you.

This was one of my favorite models to test, and they happen to be one of the best rated adjustable halter sets on the market. In other words, people are absolutely fond of it. If you are thinking about buying a set, we have everything you might need to know about the Iron Master-dumbbells in this review.

Product overview

There are many people who find that the Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells are the best adjustable dumbbells on the market, and with good reason. Iron Master is no stranger to high-quality fitness equipment. This company is since 1978 one of the pioneers in the fitness industry and designs and manufactures thuisgym equipment, so it is redundant to say that these guys know what they are doing. While the fitness industry continues to change and most training products continue to evolve into a more futuristic look and feel, Iron Master continues to be faithful to their traditional roots, and that’s really what sets their products apart from the rest. Have a look in their catalog and you will find that all their equipment still bears that old school look and feel that we all know and appreciate.

But don’t be fooled by their traditional looks, there’s more to the Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells than you seem at first glance. Under that old school appearance is a patented locking screw mechanism that has designed iron master to quickly and easily change weight (hence the name “Quick-Lock”). Because you have to manually add the dumbbell discs to each end of the halter, Iron Master knew that they had to make an easy-to-use adjustment system if they wanted their set to be great for home use. Thanks to the Quick-Lock system, they have achieved exactly that. One slide movement and rotation of the wrist and the weight plates are firmly fastened in place and ready for use.

Features and specifications

  • Weight range from 5 to 34 kg (per halter)
  • Expandable to 54.4 kg or even to 70 kg ‘ ‘
  • Each set includes: 2 handles, 4 locking screws, twenty-four (24) 2.2 kg weight plates and 4 (4) 1.1 kg weight plates
  • Handles weighing each 2.2 kg
  • 32 Different weight settings
  • Heavy construction
  • Dumbbell Rack included
  • Lifetime Warranty


Iron Master’s patented Quick lock adjustment system is quite easy to use. It is frankly not a completely new concept for the world; They have been using guided locking screws in construction machines and heavy tools for years. So if it is good enough for them, you know that it is a safe system to use. How it works: First, manually add or remove the weight plates until you have the desired quantity. Then slide the locking screw through the end of the dumbbell until it reaches the stopping point, then gives the screw about half a turn and locks into place. There are grooves on the screw with which you can also guide him in the halter. And the best part is that if the Quick-Lock screw is in place, there are absolutely no rattling or loose weights that some people are worried about. Rest assured, the Iron Masters are one of the safer systems you can buy.

Now I’ll be honest here because you have to manually add the weight, the Iron master Quick-Lock dumbbells need a little more time to adjust than some of the other popular models that use a command dial system or a selection. But the Iron Masters weren’t designed to be the absolute fastest, they were simply designed to be fast. So if you find it good to spend the extra 15-20 seconds to change the weight, the Iron Masters work fine for you.


With 34 kg standard weight included, the Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells offer a fairly large weight range to choose from. There are plates of 2.2 kg and plates of 1.1 kg and plates of 10.2 kg, so you can adjust them in steps as large or as small as you need. Because you add halter plates to each halter manually, you have the ultimate control over the desired weight settings, which I find very nice at the Iron Masters. The Iron Masters lets you adjust the weight range at any time in 1.1 kg increments, giving you the most customization options for accurate weight settings.

ADD-On Kits

So you have a huge weight range to work with on the standard set, but let’s assume that you need more weight than the standard 34 kg lbs that the Iron Masters offer. That’s where add-on kits come in.


A big advantage of the Iron Master’s traditional design is that you can easily add weight expansion kit to get a larger weight range, giving you a lot of space to grow. Right now there are two add-on kits available, and to put it simply, they are huge. The first expansion kit increases the maximum weight to 54.4 kg, and the second expansion kit increases it to 70 kg… PER DUMBBELL. Now I’m going to make a wild assumption here and say that unless you’re using iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger that ever did, you’ll never need the second expansion kit. But I know a lot of people who benefit from the first, so it’s great that the Iron Masters are able to do this. Nevertheless, each expansion set contains extra gewichtplaten and long-length locking screws because the standard is not sufficiently long with the extra gewichtplaten at both ends.

Quality and durability

Although the Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells have an old-school look, they are certainly made with the quality of the new school. These are not your traditional iron dumbbells from 1985. As a company, Iron Master believes excellent quality, and their products reflect that. I wanted to indicate a few things that you might not be able to see on the basis of the photos; The most striking thing is that each iron weight plate is carefully cut to not only look good, but also to perform well. The grooves on each plate are designed so that the plates fit together seamlessly when added at the end of the halter, therefore you get no rattling or vibrate when the locking screw is placed in place. As funny as this sounds, this is one of the things I liked most about the iron masters because rattling Gewichtplaten is generally one of the greater concerns that are associated with adjustable dumbbells, so it was really reassuring to have such a solid set to Have.

In addition to the well-designed plate fitting, both the handgrip and the locking screw are made of heavy commercial quality steel, which increases their durability again. There is literally no piece of plastic on the Iron Masters, and that is extremely rare nowadays to find in adjustable dumbbells. They are these iron and steel materials, combined with their more traditional design, which make the Iron master Quick-Lock dumbbells so incredibly heavy. These are by far the most durable adjustable dumbbells that I’ve personally used, but I’m not the only one who felt this way. One of the most common things you’ll read in every review of the Iron Masters is how impressive their durability is.

Lifetime Warranty

There is nothing that says, “This product goes on forever”, just like a lifetime warranty. Every company can go there and say that their products last long, but a lifetime warranty is the ultimate certification mark for product approval. As I said above, iron Master is a great proponent of quality, but what they are even stronger on is customer service. They are personal and people love it. Unlike many companies that do everything they can to get out of warranty work on your gear, iron Master helps you quickly if you ever have a problem with your dumbbells. They want you to be so long satisfied with your dumbbells if you have them, so they do it very well throughout the customer service/warranty category.

How to feel the dumbbells?

Another great advantage of their traditional design is that the Iron masters have a very natural halter feel, probably the most natural of any other set of adjustable dumbbells that I have tried before. With a regular set of dumbbells, as you increase in weight, the dumbbell is becoming bigger and wider, so it feels like more weight. The most customizable dumbbells have to try to mimic this natural feeling that their framework is often large and long, no matter how much weight you have attached, so it just feels a little weird. The Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells don’t have this problem at all, because, like a regular set of dumbbells, their overall size increases as you add more weight. This gives you a nice, balanced set to work with, whether you use 10 kg or 30 kg.

Is there anything bad with the iron Masters?

I’m a free bot person, so I’m usually the first to point out the things I don’t like rather than the things I like. But honestly there’s really nothing just to say about the Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells. If you’ve read this in the review so far, chances are you won’t look at the Iron Masters to find the latest technology or the best looking equipment, but you’re looking at them for one reason: to get a “a” couple of dumbbells. And for that they work perfectly. Their traditional design of manually adding weights makes them slower to adjust than other designs that use a dial or selector, so if you’re looking for a set to use with a super fast routine like P90X, its There certainly are better options for you (like the Bowflex SelectTech’s or the PowerBlock’s).

The only other thing I can think of is that if you often use the 2.5-pound micro-settings, the dumbbells will get a bit out of balance. That’s because, to achieve those settings, you only place a 2.5 lb plate on one side of the halter instead of both, so that side has an extra 2.5 lbs on it. However, there is an easy solution; Slide your hand a fraction of an inch in the direction of which side of the dumbbell then also has that extra plate, and it will feel in balance again.

Although I had nothing just about the iron masters to say, I was curious to see how other people’s experiences were with them, so I read some threads by on and all the critical reviews on Amazon to see if there was anything else that I could Find that could be a problem with this dumbbells. Now I knew people loved these things, but wow this was an eye-opener for how highly regarded the Iron master Quick-Lock dumbbells really are. First, I couldn’t find any thread about the Iron masters on the online community and the forum of Everyone there swears by this or the PowerBlocks if you look at adjustable dumbbells. So I took to Amazon, and from the 120 + reviews on the Iron master list, there are literally only 6 bad reviews, of which 5 people were complaining that the adjustment system takes too long to change weight settings, which we already have Had, so nothing new here. The last critical review complained about the fact that the Borg screw dislodging, but I read the comments and it was found that this was a user error, so here is also nothing to report about.

The verdict


  • Extremely durable thanks to the traditional design
  • Quick-Lock system ensures a tight fit so that weights don’t rattle at all
  • Easy to adjust weight
  • Adjustable in precise steps of 2.5 lb
  • ADD-on kits available to achieve higher weights
  • Beautiful, balanced feeling
  • Lifetime warranty and excellent customer service


  • Slower to adjust weight than other models because you need to manually add Gewichtplaten
  • Dumbbells become somewhat long if you use higher gewichtsbereiken (over 80 lbs)

In general, the Iron Master Quick-Lock dumbbells is a phenomenal choice for anyone looking for a sturdy traditional style set of adjustable dumbbells. These are everything that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself would have liked to have used. They have a huge weight potential for those who want to lift their supermass, which makes them really fun for strong weightlifters. Moreover, these are definitely the most durable adjustable dumbbells on the market, so if you tend to be rough with your weights, these can withstand just about any abuse you inflict. In the end, no matter what reason you are considering them, the Iron master Quick-locks are definitely recommended.


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