Many people associate a slim, muscular and healthy body with hours of making in the gym. Although fitness centres can definitely contribute to a more vital body, the gym and vitality are not inextricably linked. Everything you can do in the gym, you can also do at home. The advantages and disadvantages of home fitness…

1. Home Fitness = Convenience

Discipline and motivation is what it lacks many people. At the end of a grueling day it can be very difficult to get the discipline to go all the way to the gym. There are many and many more reasons you think: ‘Let’s sit, I don’t feel like it; I’ll be back next week. ‘

The step to work for another hour at home is felt much easier. The easier you make it yourself and the less thresholds on your path, the more often you will walk the path. For home fitness, therefore, less discipline and perseverance are needed. Home Fitness is therefore extremely comfortable and accessible.

2. Preparing for Fitness

Before you get to the gym on the treadmill or hang on to the dumbbells, you have to prepare. You have to bijeenrapen your stuff first. But where are your sports bag, sport shoes, sports clothes, MP3 player, batteries, headphones, water bottle, towel, toiletry bag, Deo, wallet, phone, keys etc. Many people hook up during the preparation to go to the gym already. If you can train at home, there is hardly any need for preparation, because you have everything at hand.

3. Travel to the fitness center

The physical journey to the gym is a high threshold for many fitness practitioners. In the winter you have to defy the cold and in the summer the heat. In addition, you have to walk, cycle or drive, which you really don’t feel like. Finally, it is not pleasant to sweat back to travel, so you have to refresh yourself afterwards. When you fitnest at home, you don’t have to travel, so you save yourself a lot of time and effort.

4. No show at home fitness

Freshen up beforehand, refreshed afterwards, attracting trendy sports outfit, redress afterwards. Honestly is fair, most fitness practitioners do sports not only to be healthier, but also to look good. So there are not many self-conscious gym visitors who are totally unkempt, unmade and in their oldest afdankertjes push-ups and crunches.

In fact, countless sports enthusiasts do not enter the gym without having cared for themselves, made up and styled. The advantage of home fitness is that you do not need to be beautiful for anyone. You can attract random afdankertjes and look totally disheveled. This is ideal, because in the end you will be able to fitness in the first place for a healthier, slimmer and fitter body, and for steel cans. There is nothing wrong with flirting, but that is also possible during the steps.

5. Efficiency: Home fitness vs. gym

If you take the above 4 points into consideration, you may imagine that a gym-visit would require quite some time, energy and effort. An hour of fitness in the gym can easily take two and a half hours! For this reason, thousands of unused gym subscriptions are dust-bites.

So many people cannot take the time and energy to actually go to the fitness centre. Let alone 2, 3 or even 4 times a week. The biggest advantage of home fitness is that you can get started right away. One hour of sports will thus remain in one hour of time. Without 45 minutes preparation and 45 minutes aftermath. Home fitness is therefore extremely time-efficient compared to the fitness centre.

6. Material (Fitness devices & attributes)

The greatest lack of home fitness practitioners can experience is that of devices and attributes. Modern gyms are equipped with numerous fitness equipment and masses of fitness attributes. Although modern gadgets are fun, there is not much need for an effective fitness session. With a sports mat and a few weights you’ll come a long way. If you want more variation, buy a cross trainer or rowing machine.

7. Coaching in the gym is ideal

Guidance is the most valuable aspect of a gym. from an experienced coach you can learn a lot about the movements you make. Once you have the necessary knowledge, you can also work optimally without professional supervision. For example, you can choose to schedule a session with a fitness coach once a month and get started on your own by the rest of the month.

8. The social aspect of fitness

The social aspect makes the gym fun for many people. Chat, follow group lessons and motivate, whip up and surpass each other. These people do not usually lack motivation. The social contacts are sufficient motivation for them to go to the fitness centre. Don’t you think the gym is ideal, but do you really like the social aspect of it? Find a friend, family member, roommate or other acquaintance who wants to be your sparring partner and work with you at home.


There is a lot of motivation and discipline needed to sacrifice time and effort several times a week for a sport school visit. For those who are not motivated and disciplined enough, home fitness works better. One does it more often, nails less frequently and keeps it more prolonged. In fact, home sports are easier, more efficient and more accessible than sports in the gym.

To the gym or not to the gym?

Many people think that they necessarily have to go to the gym to fall off and grow muscles. If you find the gym a pleasant fitness environment, then you absolutely have to do that. Unfortunately, there are also many people who purchase a gym subscription in the hope of becoming motivated, purely by the financial outlay.

In Practice There are countless unused gym subscriptions dust to happen. A one-off financial issue of the time, does not motivate you to leave your comfortable home now and make you voluntarily get tired. People go to the gym only if they really want to lose weight; Want to become really healthier, fitter & more vital; and want to be really muscular…


You have to be prepared to free up time and energy for fitness, and that requires both perseverance and discipline. Many people simply cannot get enough motivation and decisiveness to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Quite a few steps are needed:

  • Sports Equipment Bijeenrapen (Sports subscription, sports bag, sport shoes, sports clothes, MP3 player, water bottle, towel, toiletry bag etc.).
  • De door out; The cold or heat.
  • REizen: On foot, by bike by car or by public transport.
  • You have to dress upon the spot.
  • Afterwards (in a tight, busy space) freshen up.
  • You may have to charge the batteries of your MP3 player, your athletic shoes are dirty, your most beautiful sports clothes are still in the wax, etc.

Gym versus Home Training

Home fitness lacks the social aspect of the gym, but there are hardly any thresholds on the other. In addition, most people feel at home more at ease. You don’t have to travel, you don’t have to dress up, you barely prepare and you have everything at hand.

An hour of sports will continue to work for one hour. And therefore do not prepare three quarters, one hour of sports, 20 minutes of travel and a half minute. Home fitness is not only comfortable, but also very time-efficient.

Move home just as well as in the gym?

According to a Japanese research is at home moving just as well as in the gym. You get just as fit and it’s just as healthy. So you reach the same thing, if you do it. In my view, this is a nonsensical study. Of course you get fit and healthy from sports, even when you do it at home. The question is: do you keep it full? It is much easier to stop at home than in the gym.

In the gym you are in an ambiance of sports and exercise and this is very motivating to go slightlya little further, to go a little longer and to use a little more weights than you would do at home. At home the comfortable couch is waiting and the fridge is full of good food.

Home moving versus gym…

A few days or even a few weeks at home moving can be kept, but once you are accustomed to the gym, the chance that you will continue to exercise there is much greater than at home. Take a look under your bed, in the closet or in the attic. How many exercise machines do you have lying there that you have never touched after a few times?

In addition, it is much more difficult at home to do different exercises. In the gym You can train several muscles with specific devices, and the possibilities in the cardio area are also much larger. Running, stepping, rowing, Crosstrainen, cycling, lying cycling and much more. The large variation prevents you from getting bored.


Of course you can all know yourself what you do when it works for you. But be honest with yourself. If you have the intention to sit on the exercise bike three times a week, but in the end you do it only once a week, you would also Be strong enough to say to yourself that at home sports are not actually working and that the gym might be a better option anyway.

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