Power Racks and Rigs

Rigs and Power Racks
With the help of Rigs and Power Racks you make a home gym with which you can carry out numerous exercises. They are also more than just a rig and a power rack, with the help of accessories you can use a rig or a power rack as a stable Lat Pull Down or Seated row. You also have the opportunity for Squats, Schoulder Press and more.

In combination with the Super Bench you can use a rig or power rack for (incline, decline) Bench Press. So there are many possibilities with the Ironmaster Rigs and power racks and you can adapt these to your wishes and needs.

A rig is very compact. This is ideal for home sportsmen who have a smaller space at their disposal and it offers many training opportunities. With a dumbbell alone, you can perform many different exercises. If you expand the IM1500 with the Super Bench you get the best out of your own home gym.

Power Racks
The Power Rack is the big brother of the Rig in terms of possibilities. They are both stable and strong but with the power rack IM2000 there are many more options. So you have a complete gym with this power rack. Through the wide range of accessories, the IM2000 offers a variety of exercises for the chest, back, shoulder, leg and arm muscles.

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