Quick-lock dumbbells

Adjustable Quick-Lock-Dumbbells
The dumbbells we know from the gym have a fixed weight. If you want to train with varying intensity, you need different dumbbells that differ in weight. In the gym you will find a complete rack with dumbbells of different kilos. If you start training at home, you often have no space for this and the purchase price of a complete rack is often expensive. For the home athletes, adjustable quick-lock-dumbbells are therefore the ideal solution!

The benefits of Adjustable Quick-Lock-Dumbbells
With adjustable quick-lock-dumbbells it’s possible to train every muscle group with numerous different exercises. The load of a dumbbell training is well distributed which is a big advantage. The movements are independent of each other, this means that you can not compensate the weaker side with your strong side. That is why the muscles work separately from each other through a dumbbell training. For example, in a Dumbbell Press exercise, the left and right chest muscles work independent from each other. With adjustable quick-lock-dumbbells you also have so much more variety to fast change the weight during the exercise. In addition, training with separate dumbbells is safer, less injury risk and gives you more freedom in the movement.

Which accessories are recommended when training with dumbbells?
It’s important to create a safe training environment. We recommend adding the Super Bench to your training programs to perform as many different exercises as possible. If you want to do exercises like the Dumbbell Press, Incline Dumbbell Press or the Overhead Press you need a versatile fitness bank.
Also a dumbbell stand is very usable. This way you can neatly store the adjustable dumbbells and weight plates and you can easily adjust them. With the 34 kg dumbbell set, it comes as a standard.

Do you want more information about the adjustable dumbbells?
If you want to buy adjustable quick-lock-dumbbells now, but something is unclear? You can always contact us for extensive and personal advice. This way you can choose the adjustable dumbbells that match your wishes and needs. You can reach us via Whats App, by telephone or by email. Here you can find our contact information .

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